Join ZK for Window Con Adventures!

Imagine. It’s a Friday morning. It’s been a long week doing your human duties and you’ve crammed seven days worth of work into four. Your weekend started yesterday, but you didn’t stay up late. No, you had to make sure you packed before you left home on Thursday because you couldn’t risk oversleeping Friday. You felt it in your bones, the anticipation for day one of… 

The Convention

Comic Con, Anime Con, Nerd Con, whatever kind of convention it might have been, you’re here at Underground Costumes so you might have experienced a bit of what I’m talking about. The joy, the magic, the comfort of pulling up to the event with all of these people, your people in amazing cosplay, swag, and gear of all types traipsing around with not a single care in the world. For three days you ventured where many fear to go, diving into your fandom and immersing yourself in the culture drowned  into the universe of your cosplay group was big enough.  For three days you were part of a club that brought people from all over for a single purpose, and that was to have a great time among friends old and new. And all the muggles back home knew was that you needed an extra day off. 

And that’s what I’d like to bring to you all reading this.

My name is ZK and I’m a blogger and resident Con Man (Sounds a bit sus, but I like it) for Underground Costumes. Here at UGC we make real clothing for real cosplay. The goods are so good you'll never want to take them off, I know I don't. What I want to bring to you is a bit of the Con Life whenever you tune in and read up. Think of it like a window into the panels, swag, and fun you could be having if you just got together with your friends and decided to make a party happen. A Window Con, so to speak. As of this writing, here in the US we are dealing with social distancing to get our pandemic issues in order so it'll probably be a minute before we can all meet in person for another of those magical getaway weekends. But if all goes as planned, you'll have more than enough fun around here to tide you over till the fun train rolls around again. Until then, let's have a ball!


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