Seamster Extraodinaire!

Everyone meet Thaina! 

Thaina is a little shy and has asked me to write her intro for her
(mwahahaha be careful what you wish for!)
So here goes:

Thaina is a most awesome seamstress and garment construction wiz, she dazzles the mind and whips together clothing as if by magic! Fabric and thread, flying through the air in a chaotic cloud around machines going full tilt then POOF perfect garment. Hooooow does she do it??

Skillz. That's how.

Mad skillz developed over millennia! In patience and time spent testing and practicing, and failing and getting back up to start again! Until the very point arrived when the universe converged around her and (in her apparent immortality) her millennia of years spent in study and trials, to come to this one singularity of magnificen--

Thaina has interrupted genius to inform me that I am being a tad extra. 

Point taken, I'm nothing if not willing to accept critique and adapt.

Ahem. Let me begin again.

"Thaina is a star seamstress and lead costume construction expert, she has worked with UGC for almost eight months and looks forward to continuing pushing the boundaries of her talents to expand her knowledge and techniques. Coming to us as a self taught seamstress, sewing for her own cosplay edification, Thaina has an exquisite attention to detail and quick learning curve that gives her the ability to execute perfection in her work and adaptability when faced with new design challenges that only anime magic can create.  

She likes long walks on the beach and laughing gaily over dainty ice cream treats. Her favorite flavor is strawberry." 

(I do believe I heard a snort come from Thaina's general direction.)



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