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This panel of Window Con is brought to you by my long lifetime of indulging in anime and manga. Somewhere long ago in the annals of my memory, I remember sitting in front of the TV with my parents watching the Mach 5 dash through the course, complete with a child and monkey stowing away in the back.


What a simpler time, I was probably about 5 when it first grabbed me and didn’t even care what I was watching. It was colorful, bright, suspenseful and always had the hero triumph at the end. Speed Racer was my first anime ever, and I’m sure many of us reading can remember their first whether it was Dragonball, Gundam, Naruto, or even Astro Boy. Back then, they were harder to ID as anything more than a Japanese cartoon, but they’ve always had a particular style about them. The Disney-inspired bright eyes, soap opera theatrics, and dynamic visual styling speaks to everyone in one way or the other, and they spoke to me loud and clear. 

Fast forward a bit to 5th grade or so when I’d already had a healthy diet of Toonami going for my after school snack, imagine the wonder in my precious little eyes when a copy of Shonen Jump was being passed around at lunchtime. There it happened, I got to touch the pages themselves, those black and white sheets of magic called manga flipped through my fingers. Shaman King, Naruto, Dragonball Z all flowed through my sight and the weeb gene inside activated. Anime and manga dominated the bulk of my interests for the years to come, right alongside a healthy dose of video games.


World's most popular manga! style=

Which brings us to this panel and the Shonen Jump app from VIZ Media. Of course, I’m an adult now and have consumed my fair share of AnM between cons lately, but nothing has brought me satisfaction like being able to blast through chapter after chapter of the good stuff and getting ahead of the curve on the latest spoilers. VIZ brings us these translated classics like Dragonball Super, Inuyasha, The Legend of Zelda Manga and Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba, plus all the other Shonen Jump classics. In about… 3 months I’ve caught up on about 400 chapters of Demon Slayer, One Punch Man, Seraph of the End and I just started blowing through Jujutsu Kaisen, one of the newest and freshest anime out on Crunchyroll right now. My dive took me through the pages of the Shonen Jump app first with a subscription for about 2 bucks a month for access to the freshest chapters the same day they release, with tons of chapters from their most popular titles. Then, I decided to see if VIZ had an app to read Inuyasha on. Lo and behold, they did have an app but it does not have Inuyasha. Bummer. The good news is that my  subscription is to the VIZ App library so I can share my 100 chapters per day across them. What a find, am I right?!


Mineta says go check them out!

Of course, I have my list of titles to get through, and we’ll get to them later so there’s no shortage of hype to share, but I just wanted to share this bit of gold with the world. You can download the Shonen Jump App in your Google Play store or the Apple Store. VIZ App is there too if the shonen style isn’t for you.

Do you dig manga? Have more manga you wanna share that we should read? Let us know in the comments and let your friends know there's tons of chapters to read! Like, 100 a day across both apps.



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